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1996 - 1998


The aim of the newly formed Harvey Nichols Restaurant Group was to locate iconic and substantial sites to develop their stand-alone restaurants. The Oxo Tower Restaurant Bar and Brasserie was the first of these such sites.


The site was found on London Southbank, pitched to the Landlord of Coin Street Community Builders and the bid to develop the unit was won. Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands where brought in to work alongside to design the Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie they in turn worked with Michael Nash Associates on the brand identity and graphics. The Consultancy was also involved in the recruitment of the senior management and chefs and assisted in the training, menu development, wine lists and cocktail selection. The whole project and processes were managed from shell and core through to the opening.


The Oxo Tower Restaurant Bar and Brasserie opened in 1996 with huge international interest and praise from the critics and to this day is fully booked and continues to generate very good profits on turnover in excess of £14 million.

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