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To undertake a feasibility study for the development and launch of a new Foodhall concept within Dublin’s oldest department store. To carry out a comprehensive review of the own-bought and concession restaurant mix within the store and make recommendations for changes and improvements.


Initially we compiled data and information from researching the food retail market around Dublin and cross-referenced this with UK industry information to create an innovative and commercially attractive proposition. Several schemes and locations were developed for a Foodhall development along with extensive product ranging and merchandising data to provide a turnkey operation.

The in-house restaurants were independently reviewed and Pat McDonald managed the F&B for 6 months in order to implement a thorough overhaul of purchasing and production. We also worked one to one with the Catering Manager for the business to implement new systems of reporting and operating to increase profitability.


The consultancy achieved a significant uplift in EBITDA during a twelve month period, returning an additional €300,000 profit across F&B operations. Due to the economic crisis in Ireland at the time, the banks recalled their capital investment (€800m) in the business and the Foodhall development was not carried through, but remains on file.

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