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Our processes for creating franchise models are in depth and allow us a thorough understanding of the complete history of the brand and trading business, identifying the key elements that have remained constant and contribute to the integrity of the brand, by doing the following;

  • Detail and capture the founding philosophies and ethics of the business, bringing to the fore any resonant ideas and marketable attributes to underpin the brand identity.

  • Identifying and defining the brand DNA to truly understand and deliver the essence of the experience.

  • Interrogate the brand and trading businesses to highlight the Unique Selling Points that differentiate from other competitors.

  • Rationalise the brand identity and application across multi-media applications from the main offer, events, branding, through to advertising and online.

  • Produce the ‘ideal’ Franchise outlet footprint, showing front and back of house space provisions,

  • service and seating areas

  • Understand and strategize the core product range, sub-ranges, complementary products and associated services.

  • Undertaking a full review of the financial status and trading figures for the business locally and globally to formulate a commercial strategy based on factual historical data, informed assumptions, and market intelligence to create the roll out model.

  • We have developed many franchising models for clients to enable them in their expansion and rollout plans.

“Franchising Is Just Like Driving A Car ,You Can Read Every Manual You Get Your Hands On But Until You Get In And Do It You Won’t Really Know How…”
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