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Recruitment, training and retention of experienced staff are time-consuming, your customers expect their visit to be enjoyable throughout and will judge you accordingly, so it’s important to recognise that even the most junior of staff can have a huge effect on a final impression.

We can deliver a totally professional assessment and solution with all of your staffing requirements through our consultancy.

  • Performance – From floor waiting staff upwards, we are able to review individual performances and independently recommend improvements where necessary.

  • Training – From junior to the most experienced staff, we can review and recommend solutions to the training requirements needed, across the board, basic waiting skills, up-selling techniques, specialist knowledge and distinctive service methods.

  • Assessment – We will carry out a rigorous examination of senior staff credentials and arrange to oversee their training methods and practical sessions ensuring the ability to train both back of house as well as front of house.

  • Recruitment – Our complete recruitment service is supported through established relationships with major, specialist HR companies enabling us to access the highest calibre staff.

  • Interviewing – We are very happy to screen and interview staff applying our own industry knowledge to ascertain their abilities, this extends that we will also put them into the role and monitor their “actual skill set” within the workplace as part of the due diligence process.

  • Compliance – From essential recruitment processes, employment contracts, heads of terms, job descriptions, disciplinary, grievance procedures, we can assist you to build a comprehensive and effective HR function.

“Don’t Run Away With The Idea That It Is Easy To Cook Simply, It Requires a Long Apprenticeship. One Of The Greatest Investments You Can Make Is In Your Staff…”
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