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From the careful sourcing of the ingredients and the supply chain to the serving of the final dish, accurately costed, beautifully presented, positioned on the menu with true profit margins and most of all tasting fantastic, this has always been my process of how to achieve such standards in all of our projects and in my restaurants too.

It is therefore important to have a firm understanding of the dishes and style of food that will appeal to your customers, always being aware of availability, freshness, cost, yield, timing and delivery.

With so many factors to get it all so right it is important that the offer is never overlooked and that your staff are capable of producing quality dishes consistently, the consultancy practice evaluates these factors and streamlines the focus in achieving such standards, from the simplest to the most intense Michelin standard dishes.

In addition to basic menu “Planning, Dish Creation and Delivery” we are able to physically assist with the development of all recipes, dishes, styling, training, tastings and performance monitoring to achieve the perfect taste and consistency.

“The Ingredients Should Always Be Allowed To Speak For Themselves”
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