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burj-al-arab sunset picture

1998 - 2000 

Brief: To create the total food and beverage offers for Al Iwan, Al Mahara, Al Muntaha, Bab Al Yam restaurants and bars, for the world’s first 7* hotel, starting from shell & core right the way through all design to opening. Working alongside world renowned architects and consultants we formed the basis and layout designs for the food and beverage offers, then became the pre-opening team to opening and implementation. Strategy: During the two years of development prior to opening Patrick McDonald created the concept for the restaurants and bars. The consultancy then worked on sourcing the produce and supply lines in order to provide the devised menus and offers created. We assisted in the overall design concept and oversaw the total fit out of each F&B area. Finally recruiting the senior management team and chefs the consultancy was responsible for overseeing the launch and post opening for 12 months thereafter. Results: Burj Al Arab has become one of the world’s most iconic buildings as well as achieving global status for such exacting standards. The Jumeirah Group has since grown exponentially having had such overall success for the Burj Al Arab. Project: $1billion Kitchen Installation: $7.8m Size (sq ft): 1.2m

selfridges flags


2005 - 2007

Brief: To review the footprint of the Foodhall and the independent Restaurant offers across the whole store on each level. Then to make a new plan for all changes and replacement recommendations for the new spaces/concepts. Strategy: Identifying the existing operations and determining the volumes of customers and the circulation footprints, we were able to realise key locations and underutilised spaces for new concepts. The new operations would need to be brought together as a collective overview allowing multi choice of cuisines, enabling different dwell times, price points and ethnicity to the offers. New layouts and circulation needing development along with operation provisions for back of house. Results: The new proposition was presented to the Board of Directors and over a phased period the changes were installed and implemented, thus creating an iconic F&B series of outlets and vibrant Foodhall.

Nespresso Café Vienna


2005 - 2007

Brief: The consultancy was invited to tender for the development and launch of the Nespresso Café concept, working alongside the company’s Retail Innovation Manager – Antoine Cornet. The brief was to advise on the detailed F&B offer, style and brand philosophy for this new business and assist the concept roll out into new territories. Strategy: Our approach started with two crucial elements; firstly a review of whether the outline concept was commercially viable and grounded, and secondly a thorough interrogation of the proposed design and layout for the operation. Working with the architects and technical teams , we then evolved the concept into a fully working design capable of handling the volume and service quality required. The next stage involved working directly with the café management team to review recruitment, training and deployment strategies. The consultancy proposed a third party solution for the food offer and worked with premier, global catering providers Do&Co to develop an offer that could be locally produced in multiple locations and delivered fresh on a daily basis. This relationship has now resulted in a joint venture partnership with Nespresso for the roll out. Results: The first Nespresso Café opened in Mariahilfstrasse, Vienna in March 2015 and the second site in London City at Cheapside 2016, the roll out strategy is to follow on a global expansion.

bob bob ricard london sunday roast



Brief: We were approached by Leonid Shutov who had recently moved to London from Moscow if we would assist in finding a site and developing the rather unique restaurant and bar Bob Bob Ricard. Strategy: After an extensive property search we found the site in Soho and helped negotiate the lease terms for the current owner. We drew up a short selection of top design firms and David Collins Studio were selected to develop the incredible interiors visualized by Leonid. We assisted with the construction phase, recruitment of the key members of the team and provided guidance for training, licensing and operational matters to get the business up and running. Results: The restaurant has gone from strength to strength winning much praise for its design, humour ‘Ring the buzzer for Champagne’ as well as the excellent food and service.

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