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From sourcing unique suppliers and leading-edge packaging to the final range on the shelf; creatively merchandised, correctly labelled and profitably priced. This is what we have achieved and what we can do for you.

  • Range Review

    The quality of product sold through your shop or Foodhall is fundamentally how you will be judged. Each location or market place requires an in-depth assessment before putting the final range together.

  • Product Development

    We have developed over 400 hundred lines of private label products; several have won awards around the world. Clever product packaging and design grab the shoppers attention and trigger impulse buys and gift purchases.

  • Sourcing and Supply

    Having previously worked with a team of eight fulltime specialist buyers we have developed contacts from all parts of the globe and can obtain unique sources of supply. We can advise on supply chains from countries as far afield as the USA and Australia as well as across Europe.

  • Pricing

    We can advise on the correct pricing and margin strategies, taking into account market sensitivity, shelf life and wastage to achieve target margins.

  • Merchandising

    Creative and logical product presentation, location and adjacencies are vital in the success of any retail offer. Furthermore the fixtures on which the product are presented are essential in creating an appropriate trading environment..


The fundamentals of good wine retailing relate closely to those of a good restaurant wine list. That said, the retail customer has more time to browse and in a very different environment – nuances that are important to understand. Our in depth experience of wine retail has given us a clear appreciation of these differences.

  • Range

    The local market and competition are very important considerations when putting your wine retail range together. We can assess this market before preparing a skeleton range for presentation.

  • Product Development

    We can advise on the development of private label products for your wine store that reflect the image you want to portray. Wines carrying your logo often dictate how your whole offer is judged, they are therefore crucial to the overall success of the business. 

  • Sourcing

    We have long-standing relationships with top suppliers around the world and an in depth knowledge of industry trends.

  • Pricing

    Greed is a dangerous thing in the wine retail trade and the downfall of many new businesses. Through careful selection we can ensure that you make the higher margins on your exclusive lines whilst maintaining a competitive edge on better known brands and houses.

  • Merchandising

    Is it precious or fun? Wine retailing spans a diverse range of price points and our aim is to advise how the retailer can attract the widest possible customer base through creative, stylish and sometimes very simple merchandising.

“Recognising that Food & Drink Retailing is more than filling shelves, it is an expression of choice, culture, heritage, creativity and engaging the customer”
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