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2012 - 2014


“Define the future of IHG’s luxury and boutique F&B business”. IHG believe that there is an opportunity to better define, and potentially re-invent their approach towards F&B for these two brands, InterContinental Hotels and Hotel Indigo, in a way that not only improves the performance of this business line, but also drives the awareness and perception of the brand.


The Consultancy carried out an in depth audit of the European estate for each brand to identify the issues and get a clear understanding of what needed to be done in order to fully answer the brief. The next stage was to wholly develop the concepts and philosophy for the F&B of each brand and this was achieved working with WhatIf Innovation. Also as part of the solutions we advised on the organisational structure for F&B Europe as well as marketing, training and implementation management.


The Project moved into the implementation processes with the InterContinental Hotels in Amsterdam, Paris & Berlin along with the Hotel Indigo Kensington being the first hotels to have adopted the recommendations and see the overhaul and changes of their existing F&B outlets.

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