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2008 - 2012


To develop three F&B concepts within the Liberty store, to project manage the installations, open and operate over a new 5 year lease contract. 


Realising the customer demographic of Liberty, we were able to provide three individual offers that represented an eclectic mix of F&B, the 2nd Floor all day – Liberty Café, the highly acclaimed and award winning Ground Floor – Liberty Tea Room, and the Lower Ground – Champagne & Seafood Bar. Each operation offered the customer a unique experience and as a whole a rounded F&B proposition to the whole venue. 


The £250,000 overhaul and new developments opened in 2008 with the Liberty Tea Room being awarded one of the UK’s top ten places to experience Tea. The business operated from strength to strength as a group of three operations each with its own dedicated team for the full 5 year lease term when the whole business/property was sold to a Venture Capital enterprise.  

Having created the independent offers, brand identities and operations with the teams, Pat McDonald enjoyed great success as the Managing Director/Chef of the business, operating a profitable F&B/Hospitality multi-site venue. 

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