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2008 - 2012


To design and procure adequate facilities to produce and serve up to 15,000 high quality food & beverage transactions each day ranging from ‘grab n go’ snack pods to full table service restaurant operation , and all associated logistics and support services to facilitate this. Once built, Pat McDonald consultancy was responsible for recruitment, training and development of the entire F&B team for the site.


The consultancy worked directly with the lead architects and project management team to design a full, on-site CPU kitchen facility capable of freshly producing all of the food for the site on a daily basis. In conjunction with this we created a combination of self-service, counter service and table service restaurant and café offers with a capacity of over 1,000 cvts. Speed of service and transaction processing was paramount whilst also ensuring a sympathetic and considerate approach to the Eden Project’s core values and philosophy, and whilst delivering a consistently high quality product.


Eden Project opened in Spring 2003 and immediately surpassed all forecasts for anticipated visitor numbers. The consultancy was able to mobilize additional resources to assist in the creation and operation of a series of pop-up food and beverage propositions to cope with the huge demand. Eden Project has continued to prove hugely successful and has secured its place as one of the country’s top visitor attractions with around 1 million visitors per year.

Project: £141m

Kitchen Installation: £1.3m

Size (sq ft): n/a

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