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2019 - 2021


To create  and conceptualise the F&B/Hospitality propositions for this iconic US$2.5bn development of Crescent Bay in Baku Azerbaijan. Align the requirements on all levels for introduction of new brands and concepts globally, ensuring the mix of concepts, offers, foods, cultures and operators are part of the overarching strategy. 


Review the dynamics of full development consisting of:

La Luna Luxury Hotel; 4 penthouses, 110 guest suites, 132 residences,. 23 water villas, biggest ballroom and meeting facilities in Baku.

City Tower Block Offices; 40 levels, 43,000 m2, Roof top restaurant and terrace of ,1,442 m2

Place Tower Residence; 2 duplex penthouses, 92 apartments (2/3/4 bedroom), 21 duplex townhouses, Spa, fitness and leisure facilities

Crescent Mall; 6 levels, 42,000 m2 retail area, 37,000 m2 of public space of F&B cafes/restaurants Azerbaijan’s most comprehensive Food Market, 2,700 m2 supermarket.

Determine the service requirements throughout in providing opportunities for new tenant operators. Provide a robust series of guidelines and parameters for all incoming operators to work to and ensure the mix of concepts and offers provided an eclectic and vibrant F&B solution.


The US$2.5bn development is still in working progress with the internal fit out almost ready to start [2021/2022] Despite the CVD19 pandemic of 2020/21 there is huge interest with many global operators and brands expressing interest and signing of LOI’s/MOU’s. 

PMC have been asked to appoint Patrick McDonald as one of the Executive Board, Director of Hospitality to the Project on and ongoing position.

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