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To design and procure a fully interactive, child-friendly restaurant experience for the new Lego Brand House development in Billund, Denmark. Utilising the unique and durable legacy of the Lego brand and product to communicate informative and educational messages about the food we eat and where it originates from.


Working with New York based design agency Ralph Appelbaum Associates and conceptual artist Marije Vogelzang, the consultancy devised a series of seating layouts, production centres, and hi-tech interactive food ordering systems allowing young visitors to construct their meal experience in a Lego-style fashion. Using the same colour set and ‘building blocks’ philosophy of the bricks, we were able to visually and physically recreate the Lego play experience through food . The development is designed to cater up to 1,000 meals per day and additional creative work was done for external terrace dining and mobile snack carts.


The Lego Brand House has since been built. 

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