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2014 - 2015


The consultancy was asked to develop the former food hall and restaurants into a smaller footprint located on the ground floor. Then entailed reinventing the food hall concept whilst maintaining the hero aspects of this iconic business.


The consultancy conducted a series of focus groups with local shoppers and opinion formers alongside an online survey of over 12,000 Fenwick customers. The survey produced an unprecedented level of response, and there was which clearly demonstrated a huge emotional attachment and sense of loyalty to the store and its heritage. Drawing on the heritage theme, and needing to differentiate from Waitrose & M&S, we created a layout with fresh, traditionally presented produce at its core surrounded by mid and premium brands. The retail proposition was strongly anchored by two brand new, own bought restaurant operations and a branded Asian concession restaurant. The consultancy then realised the concepts development with design agency CADA and the main supporting contractors through to opening.


The Fenwick Board approved the detailed design drawings in December 2014 and £5m funding was awarded in January in 2015 for an Autumn launch of the new food hall and restaurants, the new project has seen an increase of over 40% uplift in trade from a reduced trading space.

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